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iMaastosarja - unofficial fan site of Maastosarja

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What is the Maastosarja?

The Maastosarja is Finnish 10th scale electric outdoor RC offroad racing series. The series is run under AKK-Motorsport which is motorsport organization representing Finland on international FIA level. The Maastosarja is run during summer with three to four events.

What is iMaastosarja?

The iMaastosarja is unofficial fan site of the Maastosarja. Crew on has been recording footage from races since season 2009. The site offers easy way to view videos of different seasons and events.

What kind of cars are run in the Maastosarja?

The cars are 10th scale electric buggies. There are two classes: two wheel drive (2WD) and four wheel drive (4WD). Many manufacturers has competition cars available for example Team Associated, Team C, Team Durango, Schumacher, Tamiya and Yokomo just to mention few.


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